Treatment of Acne with Homemade Acne Treatment

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In the previous post described how to homemade acne remedies. In this post I will explain how to homemade acne treatment with materials easily found around us. This is when all sorts of alternative measures of beauty products preventing acne you are not able to prevent the growth of acne. Stop using it if it did not work. Try to keep the natural materials as will be described below.

As we know, some of the causes of acne that so many are;
Less sweat
Dirty blood
The influence of alcohol because cosmetics are not suitable
Too much food substances containing oil or fat
Hands are always touching the face
Facial skin are rarely cleaned
Ride motorcycles without wearing masks

Homemade acne treatment there are actually many ways of treating mild to treatment that makes complicated. The main key in order not to grow acne on the face and always maintain the cleanliness of the oil content is removed from the skin.

Homemade Acne Treatment - Tomato and Cucumber

Homemade acne treatment that is very easy to try. because of the materials are in your kitchen. This is a cleaning step is accompanied by a refresher. Before bed, rub slices of tomato, or cucumber slices to your face. Or better yet cucumber shredded and mixed with a little water and then filtered with cheesecloth. Or you can use a blender (juice) and then the blender was squeezed out using cheesecloth to collect water juice. Cucumber water continues to spread over the skin we face with cotton until evenly distributed. Or you can add a little honey with lemon juice and olive oil for better results.

After waking in the morning, wash face with a towel that has been moistened with warm water. Warm water is useful to eliminate the fats in the skin of the face. Second we look for a washcloth, towel and then put in ice water. The trick is the same towel and then squeezed a little rubbed on the face that has been in the brush with warm water. It is useful to close the pores again that was open due to warm water.

Homemade Acne Treatment - Cold Powder

The second way is to use the treatment of cold powder. Cold powder form there are two kinds of flat like a small lizard eggs while the other one was the flour. For how to use it for an egg shaped like a lizard take two grains knead with a little water and then applied to the skin of the face when going to bed. For the powder which is taking half a teaspoon of flour well mixed with little bit of water applied to the skin of the face of it flat while he was sleeping. It was on the cover of fresh, aromatic and fragrant cold, because of the traditional ingredients. Morning face wash skin with water. Homemade acne treatment can be tried if this kind of step to use tomatoes and cucumbers do not work.

Title: Treatment of Acne with Homemade Acne Treatment
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