Cause of Acne - What Causes Acne

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Cause of acne
What exactly is the cause of acne can be very distracting and reduce the appearance of self-confidence? Acne is a problem for many women, especially among teenage girls. While not necessarily making inferior and inferiority, but of acne on the face of course causes an uncomfortable feeling. Besides being annoying facial beauty, there are several types of acne which is rather painful. And there are friends who talk about acne on your face, even though it's only one seed, "Well, are in love it seems...” Wow, what to do with falling in love acne.

Many people associate acne with the feeling of falling in love. Yes probably, because in most, acne occurs in young girls or young children who are in puberty. There can be no too noticed a pimple on the face, but most teenage girls would be busy looking for ways of eliminating acne.

There are several things that cause acne in general. And following a review about the problem of the cause of acne is very annoying.

several causes of acne

1. Every day, as in all parts of the human body, a layer of facial skin also regenerate. Layer of dead skin cells on your face due to the regeneration of the skin will cause the pores on the skin should be covered by an open free of dead skin cells lining it. Supposedly, when new cells appear to be located on the top layer of skin. But if for one thing, for example, less clean when washing the face, a layer of dead skin cells and there was no independent of all the buildup that causes the skin pores closed. And when infected by bacteria and infection, it will arise acne.

2. Error in cleaning your face are also common, such as washing the face after completion of exercise or physical activity that a lot of sweat. The mistake is, the habit of wearing makeup at the gym. Supposedly, before exercising the face must be free from the burden of make-up, and when the sweat out of the pores of the face is not covered by makeup. So it's best, clean your face before and after exercise.

3. The use of skin care products, makeup and products for hair, as hair oil (for men) can also cause acne. There are certain products that contain lots of oil and causing blockage of the pores of the skin which will result in acne. To avoid this, choose products labeled non-comedogenic and oil free. But in some people who have sensitive skin, use oil free products can still cause acne.

4. Further the cause of acne are sometimes not aware of. The custom of holding, wiping the sweat from his face and rubbed his nose with his hands could be the cause of infection by bacteria. And also, sometimes not aware or do a little exasperated by starting the growth of acne. Even to squeeze acne, this will further exacerbate the situation because the bacteria will get into the skin and cause inflammation and acne scars.

5. Wash your face too often with soap that does not comply will also be the cause of acne growth on the face. The use of soap that does not comply will further exacerbate the condition of facial skin and excessive oil production occurs on the face. Instead, wash your hands before washing your face and if it should choose to use soap mild soap. Dry with a soft towel to pat-way towels, not to rub the face with a towel.

6. Further the cause of acne is due to hereditary factors. If one of both parents have oily skin and acne are more likely to arise, then chances are it will also be passed down to his son. Not one mother was pregnant, do not blame the descendants of the acne that arise. Of course, not only because of our acne we blame the parents, certainly not the case.

7. Hormone that increases during puberty also be the most common cause of acne among teenage girls and their peers. At this growth period, the soul and physical body will develop into adults, it triggers the production of gender hormones become more active. In the boys puberty, acne usually more than adolescent girls her age. This is due to an androgen hormone which will stimulate the oil glands become more numerous.

8. Stress and lack of adequate rest next to the cause of acne. In times of stress the body will be encouraged to produce the hormone cortisol, which stimulates the production of excess oil from the skin. When this excess oil on skin, then mixed with dead skin cells and infected with bacteria, will further increase and make acne worse.

That was among several things that can cause acne to grow in the face. As early as possible we can make prevention of acne on a few things that cause acne is.
In the next post, this blog will explain exclusively on the treatment of acne using homemade acne mask.

Title: Cause of Acne - What Causes Acne
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